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X-ASVP EXtensible Anti-Spam Verification Protocol
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! X-ASVP is a proposed anti-spam protocol that includes an algorithm to derive a set of URL's from an e-mail address. The X-ASVP algorithm produces three URL's, the first URL points to a document on a webserver with hostname "x-asvp" in the same domain as the e-mail address. The second URL is on the host "www.x-asvp" in the same top level domain as the e-mail address, and the third is on the "" webserver run by the X-ASVP controlling committee. The owner of an e-mail address, or the domain ISP, can post what is known as a meta-document at any of the derived URL's. The meta-document can contain any number of entities defined by the protocol, or by extensions to the protocol.

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